Foggy Forest Acrylic Painting Tutorial

A 30-minute foggy forest acrylic painting tutorial

Hey there, everyone! I’ve got a new acrylic painting tutorial for all the nature enthusiasts out there. You probably already know that I’m a big fan of painting trees, and my absolute favorites are those misty pine trees. ????

Take a look at this tutorial, and if you’d like, I can break it down into smaller, easy-to-follow steps for those of you who are just starting out on your painting journey. I’m here to help you learn step by step. Just comment below and let me know your feedback.

Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced artist, this tutorial is for you. You can either paint along with me or pick up some tips to apply to your own artwork.

I found my inspiration for this painting from an image on Pinterest, and I’ll include the link below so you can check it out.

Just remember, that becoming an expert takes time and practice, so don’t rush. Enjoy the creative journey! ????✨

Materials I used:

  • Canvas sheet
  • Acrylic paints in the following colors: titanium white, mid-green, yellow ochre, black, lemon-yellow, mid-yellow, and Pathalo blue.
  • Brushes: “INDIGO” size 6 & 7 flat brushes for trees, and bushes at the front, and an “INDIGO” size 2 round brush trees to make a basic drawing for pine trees.
  • Size 16 flat brush for background.
  • Water to clean and dip the brushes
  •  a rag for wiping in between.
  • The reference image is shown below

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