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I’m sure most of us artist moms completely relate to the struggle we face every day while creating and chasing our little ones, simultaneously. Being a mom and an artist is clearly equivalent to splitting our hearts into two evenhandedly treasured, loved, and heartily nourished parts. Right after my first son was born I had to quit making art for a year or so thinking I might not be able to raise my kid right if I carry divided attention between my art and household. Barely I realized, the divided attention would act as fuel to my motivation and tasks at hand.

Along with paintings my work also consisted of hand-crafted home decor accessories which asked for a “no kid” zone and lots of space for the miniature accessories to fit in. Unfortunately, I had none of it. Meanwhile, I was busy making effort to get rid of the art craving inside me, I conceived my second baby. In effect, the busier I got at home fulfilling day-to-day responsibilities and regular home chores while raising boys the stronger my imagination got as an artist working independently in a studio, uninterrupted.

While going through anxiety and stress I hadn’t realized the impact I was leaving on my two toddlers. Regardless of how hard I tried, I remained a sad mama by the end of the day. Finally, I had to pick up a pencil and a sketchbook and start working over small sketches, then and there. My babies who were 3 and 1 at that time found my art stuff quite amusing and developed an interest in art and colors, genuinely. Gradually I got over the idea of a separate room for my artwork let alone a studio! and fixed a desk and a shelf on one of the walls of my bedroom and placed my paints and art accessories on top, which was quite at a height for my kids to reach.

The journey, my dear mums, requires lots of strength, patience, and focus, for the creativity to unleash and satisfy our souls. Though I haven’t published my work yet, surprisingly, my 5-year-old has developed a habit of visiting my working space after nap to check on my projects in progress. He loves to pick up his favorites, mostly, with a tinge of purple in them.

I’m still in the process of settling down with myself, my work, and other responsibilities and I believe this is an ongoing effort. For me, my kids act as a positive catalyst to make me meet my deadlines when they come to me and ask “Mama why isn’t the purple flower done yet?”, and to be honest I’m glad about it.

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