How to paint forest landscape-timelapse

How to paint forest landscape with acrylics

Hi everyone, here is a time lapse video of forest painting in acrylics. Before beginning the process I took 14 by 8 inch canvas and primed it with gesso. After that, I applied acrylic paint mixed with gloss medium as a very first layer on the canvas. The rest of the process is shown in the video above. 

For your convenience here’s a snippet of the process:

1. Apply base colours mixed with gloss medium.

 2. Make a basic sketch with paint and brush. 

3. Start adding visible tones to the ground. 

4. Apply the second layer of the paint to the trees to give light and dark shadows. 

5. Now, dab the brush with colour at the background to give a foliage look. 

6. Add trees in distant background with lighter tones. 

7. Get back to the ground and finish off with high lights. 

8. Complete the 3D look of trees with light, mid, and dark values top to bottom. 

9. Enhance the light on the trees at the front to show distance from the background.

 10. And it’s done. 

❤️Hope you enjoyed the process


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